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Diana Gabaldon Panel


This morning, I received an email from Diana Gabaldon in which she explained what happened concerning her non-appearance on Monday at D*C (on the AHT as well as elsewhere). Apparently, the D*C scheduling committee did not forward her the schedule as they are supposed to do prior to the show. She'd already made travel arrangements to leave on Monday, and was unable to change them--but did inform her fans by way of her blog and Twitter on the way out!

She expressed regret at missing our Monday panel, and, this is a direct quote, ...but I _am _ sorry to have disappointed anyone..

Cheers, all,
Cindy MacLeod
Track Director
Alternate History Track
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I kept hearing rumors that things were somewhat disorganized this year, but I usually put that down to people grumbling because they didn't get their way, or had to wait for something or other. Considering how late the schedule got published, the low-level grouchiness over pre-registration lines, and now this, I am wondering whether or not to give the rumors of "disorganization" a little more credence.

I've done class scheduling in other venues, so I can appreciate how difficult a task it is to organize the panels and communicate to everyone. Dragon*Con is difficult by a couple more orders of magnitude since you have to more or less delegate dealing with a couple dozen schedules that span a 4 day period. I'm not going to throw too many rocks from the porch of that glass house....

For my part of the process, since I now have email contacts for just about all the guests that have come through the AH track (and kudos on the appropriate icon BTW) I plan to make sure that all panelists are double- and triple-informed as to when things are happening.

Chalk that up to a lesson learned. :)