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A preliminary overlook of the track

FYI, here is a track description and listing, as proposed two years ago. If any of these panel ideas appeal to you and you'd be interested in helping out with them, please let me know! Not all of this stuff will happen this year but there's always next year.

BTW we definitely WILL have a presence in the Parade--if you or someone you know has an antique vehicle and you'd like to show it off on Saturday morning of the Con, please reply. :)

And yes, we are planning a Time Travelers' Ball event for Con in conjunction with the Sci-Fi Fantasy Literature Track. :)

Who Would Attend This Track?: Living history enthusiasts, historical reenactors, historical costumers, historical geeks/trainspotters, fans of historical romances (“bodice-rippers”), fans of time travel and alternate history, historical reconstructionists, neo-Pagans, steampunks, and other assorted fen not previously mentioned.

The Big Event: “The Time-Travelers’ Ball,” at which one can come dressed as a character from the past, present, or future. We will have a costume contest focusing on creativity in construction and assembly, attention to detail, historical accuracy, and overall excellence.

Also, we would want to have a presence in the Parade for publicity.

Panel Ideas:

• Historical Garb/Living History panels, given by folks from the SCA, local reenactors, etc. These would focus on specific eras (Ancient World/Lost Civilizations, Renaissance/Medieval, Colonial, Civil War/Victorian, the Wild West, Edwardian/Titanic/fin-de-siecle, WWI, Roaring 20s, WWII). These panels would culminate in the Costume Contest, which would likely be held at the aforementioned “Time Travelers’ Ball.”
• “So You Want to be a Reenactor?” – An introduction on how to start spending your weekends in the Middle Ages, the Civil War era, or whatever time takes your fancy.
• Historical Weaponry – Featuring (safe and legal) demonstrations.
• Time Travel through the Years – Focusing on the classic literature of time travel (Wells, Bradbury, etc.), as well as an overview of the films and TV shows that have touched on this subject. (This will be presented early on in the programming, so that specific shows, books, or films can be highlighted separately later.)
• Alternate History Classics – A look at the periods that are extensively covered in the literature (WWII, American Civil War), why these eras are so popular, and whose ideas are the most intriguing. Discussion of the works of Harry Turtledove, Mike Resnick’s anthology series, etc.
• Time-Travel Romances – Featuring the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, Somewhere in Time (the film), Time and Again by Jack Finney, Time After Time (the film), and other historical and supernatural romances.
• Various Steampunk panels – Featuring costuming, literature, films, etc. (Especially one on why steampunk fashion is so appealing and cool, but the films are often bad—Van Helsing, Wild, Wild West, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, etc.)
• Mysteries of History – Jack the Ripper, the Lost Colony, various disappearances. Anachronistic objects (like the Antikythera computer, the Middle Eastern battery, etc.). “Ghost” ships. (This could be done in conjunction with the X-Track)
• Time Travel in The Twilight Zone – An exploration of ideas from the groundbreaking American television show, also featuring other anthology shows such as Outer Limits, Night Gallery, etc.
• The Myth and Reality of Pirates – A look at pirate life, language, customs, garb and ships, and how the Pirates of the Caribbean series has showcased some actual swashbuckling history.
• Ancient Religions and Mythology in the Modern Age – a look at Celtic, Norse, Greek, Roman and Egyptian religions, and those inspired by past eras, as practiced today.
• “But, They Didn’t Wear That Then! AKA Farby Fashion and Misguided History.” - A look at ‘historically-inspired’ films such as Braveheart, The Patriot, Titanic, etc., what they did wrong, and what they could have done to be more accurate. Also featuring a discussion on films that got it right--for example, The 13th Warrior.
• “Ancestorcide, Paradox, and Navigating The Multiverse: The Common Pitfalls of Time Travel, and How to Avoid Them.” – A lighthearted look at how time-travel has been explained in popular media.
• “They Ate What?” – The history of food, eating, and popular historical dishes.
• “Bending Tradition” – A look at the popular music of bygone eras, possibly featuring a pub-sing.
• “Faster Than Light: Modern Time Travel Theories” – A discussion of some of the actual scientific theories that could explain time travel…and how we might see a time machine in our future—or not!
• Panels on films and television shows, such as: the Back to the Future series, the Terminator series, Time Bandits, Highlander, Timeline, Timecop, Time Riders, Sliders, Quantum Leap, etc.

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